About ooZeeki

Together with our domestic and overseas partners ooZeeki works tirelessly to develop cutting-edge products of the highest quality design.  Our design and development team focuses on engineering all of our products to provide the most beneficial experience for individuals focused on living a healthy lifestyle, maximizing their fitness experience and enjoying their travels.

Our Vision

To promote our innovative line of health and fitness products and their abilities to assist in preventing injury and maximizing performance for all individuals willing to incorporate them into their daily lifestyle.


Our cutting-edge line of health and fitness products are extremely effective, beneficial and highly portable.  Our fitness and exercise tools (IsoStrength) help you achieve the most effective stretch on the market without the assistance of a partner.  Our building and toning device can serve as your gym on the go allowing you to perform isometric and isotonic exercises in any environment.  For light runners or walkers let our cardio-balance bar be your ultimate companion on the trail or the track.

Walking, jogging and running as a form of exercise is the fastest growing sport in United States and across all age groups.  At ooZeeki Inc., our full line of IsoStrength products will allow you to focus on the best possible conditions for your muscles and undoubtedly enhance your walking, jogging and running experience.

For avid travelers world-wide, our chiropractic designed neck and back pillow serves as the ultimate travel companion, maximizing the comfort of your commute while maintaining the health of your neck and back.

Our Experience

The founders of ooZeeki Inc. collectively have over 40 years of experience in a wide range of applicable trades such as product development, marketing, sales, design, finance and customer service. We all share a passion to provide you with products that will truly assist in improving your overall health and lifestyle.